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Distinctive Voice Stuff I found online

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claudia's voice/personality is:

liberated: unknown Blond in the bed
tough talking: "no one gets in my room .... let alone my bed"
cynical: "well helled, well coiffed"
strong: physically-karate and mentally
competent: a women in typically a mans job and does it well.
intelligent: solves mystery
street smart: knows the city
observant: relizes BMW is following her
confident: mingles at pub ( wake)
witty: "one step closer to heavan was the crematorium"
sarcastic: "better" (sally in suna pg 152)
harry lavenders voice is:
powerful: leader of organised crime, imagines is own funneral
arrogant: proud of criminal activities "helped in many ways... social contribution."
smug: boasting of friends; politicians, police links and media.
egotisitical: repition of I

Technique & Justification
Harry Lavenderpowerful, arrogant, smug, egotistical, sinister, ominous

“I wake from this dream with the same coffin smile”
-Metaphor, Personification
Superhuman qualities, the feeling that he is pure evil as we think of vampires in coffins with wicked smiles brings out his distinctive voice.

“Every person living and breathing, and many that were dead knew the name of that cancerous growth that went by the name of harry lavender”
Gives us the feeling that he was unstoppable
And detestable

Claudia Valentine - independent, tough, strong, intelligent, street smart, observant, confident, witty

“I woke up felling like death. Ironically appropriate given what the day held in store”.
-Simile, Paradox
Shows she is living life on the edge close to death

"one step closer to heaven was the crematorium"
Shows the witty side to Valentine
Hardboiled detectives are witty

“Karate had taught me more than just high kicks” p34
Shows she is tough and independent

“The deroes... started on their liquid breakfast”p2
Metaphor, seedy lower class, urban setting, establishes the hardboiled setting.

The Setting/Sydney city seedy,
“The flower shop was near Kinselas an elegant night spot that used to be a funeral parlour but where people now ate devilled kidneys and crumbed brains in the former chapel and afterward went upstairs for the show”.

-Juxtaposition of images
-to create the feeling of death and to show that the city has its own personality and distinctive voice, sickening connotations of people eating body parts in a funeral parlour.
-A dark side to what used to be an innocent chapel. Idea of facades
A setting for a hardboiled detective
- Despite the elegant and respectable city there is a sickening grotesque side to it.
“ small triangle of threadbare green” pg2
Metaphor, used to establish the setting it’s a city of concrete.

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